CloudAMiGO Consultancy Service

We provide a wide range of Services
HR - Recruitment

The company works with a bunch of Highly talented professionals as the core team members and provides services across domains and even deals with a highly talented IT workforce.CloudAMiGO is Expertise in the areas of IT Staffing, Contract Hiring, Permanent staffing, On shore Support , Recruiting, Head Hunting & sourcing, and Team Handling.

Cloud Services

CloudAMiGO Provides Major Branded Cloud services which are multiplied over several years. We provide numerous perks that are key to keeping up with the technology curve of modern-day applications. We offer different range of servers starting from a basic application development Server to Huge storage and Even Virtual DesktopsWe allow users to rent out computing resources from anywhere in the world. All the cloud servers run round the clock and provide 24x7 support to the client. We provide so many cloud server services including

Devops as a Services

Do you have a business plan to implement? Want to get your software which empowers your business plan by streamlining the process with strong security while delivering the software faster and efficiently.Devops is the best Solution which accelerates your Operations and loads the work with minimum costs with better throughput with the resilient systemsCloudAMiGO Provide Dedicated Teams for the Best qualitative services to the clients on Devops Platform across the Clouds. Our Devops Services helps the client to drive a best Software Development Life cycle throughout the process.

On-premises server support

On-premises data centers, commonly referred to as “on-prem,” allow you to have full control of your infrastructure, An on-premises data center is a group of servers that you privately own and control. "On-prem" refers to private data centers that companies house in their own facilities and maintain themselves. On-prem infrastructure can be used to run private clouds, in which compute resources are virtualized in much the same way as those of public clouds (however, private clouds can also be run on leased third-party hardware).